State of the Art For… Union

Tomorrow is our first live event at Mosaic House here in Prague. All day long our artists will be working on fantastic art to raise awareness for hundreds of endangered species, including the small sampling I have blogged about. If you’re not in Prague but would still like to support us, you’re in luck! The first edition of our charity anthology will be available on this website next week. All summer long you can look forward to updates from artists all over the world sending in comics, paintings, animation and more. Then in the fall we will be ready to announce our next big project.

In the mean time, here is an adorable baby Golden Rumped Sengi (Elephant Shrew). Sengis have absolutely amazing brains that I will do a more detailed blog post on in time. Until then, did you know that elephant shrews are actually closer related to elephants than the naturalists who named them originally thought? Its true, they are in fact significantly more elephant than shrew.


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