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Baiji by Sonya Hallett


Today we have a painting of the baiji river dolphin by Sonya Hallett. The baiji was found in the Yangtze River. It was a beautiful creature, and fascinated the ancient Chinese who according to legend believed it to be the spirit of a drowned princess. You may be noticing all the past tense I’m using. That is because the baiji is probably extinct. For years people were calling for the baiji to be protected and for breeding programs to be set up. But those cries were ignored and as the Yangtze grew more congested with traffic and pollution the population of baiji grew smaller and smaller. The most recent population survey in 2009 was unable to find a single live specimen, and barring some miracle this means that the baiji is lost forever.



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Paintings from Aimee Lockwood

Today I have three gorgeous paintings to share with you, sent in from contributing artist Aimee Lockwood.

Remember, when you donate you not only help raise money for Edge of Existence and encourage more artists to produce great work here, but you also get access to our upcoming anthology of artwork, including giant, high res versions of all three of these great paintings.

The Bactrian Camel. Fewer than 1,000 of these two-humped camels survive today in one of the most hostile regions on earth.

Hewitt’s Ghost Frog is a very attractive frog adapted to life in fast-flowing mountain streams and rivers.

The Red Slender Loris is characterised by its enormous eyes and extremely thin limbs.


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