Live Art Event at Mosaic House

Mike and Allison at work

Mike’s comic starring the Chinese Giant Salamander, Olm and Purple Frog

Allison begins adding a Sagalla Caecillian to her painting

Sabine working on her comic

Sabine’s Shoebill-inspired comic

Sabine wasn’t the only artist inspired by the charismatic Shoebill

Matt painting his Long-Beaked Echidna

Echidna in progress

Louise and Paddy set up their VJ show, inspired by many exotic species

Stay tuned for the finished work.



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3 responses to “Live Art Event at Mosaic House

  1. looks like an inspiring idea for an event….such really nice energy comes through from those of you doing the art work!!! Congrats on your first attempt.

  2. You might be interested in the stuff we’ve been doing over at the Animal Alphabet project

    • Hi Isaac. You guys are doing some cool stuff. I see you guys even have some of the species we’ve been working for such as the olm! If any of you are interested in doing some stuff for us or letting us include some of your work from the Animal Alphabet we’d be honored. I’ll pass along your project to our artists as well.

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